Finished Works Ministries


These testimonies are from the Finished Works Ministries healing rooms in Tumwater, Washington. 
Revelation 19:10 says; for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
Healing is still for today and what Jesus has done for these people, He will do for you also.
I came in with pain in my hip, back and leg.  I was limping when I came in due to pain.  After I was prayed over in the healing room, Jesus healed me instantly.  My back, hip and leg was pain free.  I came outside dancing!  Also today I'm baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Thank you Jesus.        Clara

This e-mail came in from Illinois through our website…
Good afternoon,
I'm wondering whether you would pray for me over the phone or skype for healing and/or deliverance. I've received one deliverance prayer 3 years ago for my back pain and no pain since then. However, it started coming back to my surprise. I did a back surgery removing L5S1 disc many years ago since then I suffered back pain. I suffer nerve related issues also.
Thank you. Jane

We called Jane and prayed for her over the phone. A day later we received another e-mail from her…

Good afternoon, This is Jane you prayed for my back yesterday. Thank you so much for your prayers. I'm doing great. I was sitting in a class last night without back pain. I did not feel any back pain at all at work and I even went to the gym after work. I had a minor soreness on my back during workout but I feel great. I was thanking Jesus whole day with thanksgiving and praises. The only issue is numbness on my toes. I would like to receive one more prayers for my numbness any time when you have a moment. Thank you. Jane

We called her again and prayed for any soreness to go and all numbness in her feet to go in Jesus name.  We look forward to hearing another praise report back from Jane.  Thank you Jesus!

I want to thank you again for the time yesterday.  I am feeling the Peace of the Lord in loads today!
I wanted to pass on a testimony to you.   I have had cracking in my left knee for over a year.  Daily it would crack when I walked, about every 3 or 4th step.  When you and Susan prayed, I thought I may of felt movement but was not sure.  Well, since I have been with you both, 99% of the cracking went away!  Praise God!  I feel that my knee is different, in ways that are hard to explain, but the lack of cracking proves it.  I feel the Lord is now telling me to strengthen it.

Thank you for praying for me and spending that time with me, it was very faith building!