Finished Works Ministries
Our goal is to teach people to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  It's not just about making converts, that is the first step, but there is so much more God has to offer and wants us to have.  Jesus came to give us an abundant life, now!  

Every born again believer needs to know who they are in Christ and walk in that love, power and authority Jesus came to give us.  We are to preach the gospel, the good news, to all nations.  We are to walk in the spirit and flow in the gifts God has given us. 


We are now offering a powerful 6 week course that teaches you how to flow in the Spirit by using scriptural principles instead of manmade formulas.
Each week we will be teaching a different topic.  This is a class for those who desire to flow in the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Learn who you are, what God has given you, how to pray effectively and more!
We encourage everyone to attend all six classes.  Bring your bible, pen and notebook and get ready to go on a journey with God!

Please sign up by sending us an e-mail through this website or directly.

Space is limited.   Classes start April 5th to May 10th, 2019, every Friday from 7-8pm for class and 8-9pm for questions, discussions and prayer.   Class will be held at our healing room at the address below.
P.S.  It's all free!

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Our Healing Rooms

We have opened a healing room on Thursday and Saturday nights from 7 - 9pm. We are also available for pastoral counseling during the weekdays by appointment only.  Our location is...

2584 Rw Johnson Blvd.
Mottman Plaza 
Tumwater, WA 98512
Phone or text: 360-529-1687 or 360-529-1748 for daytime appointments.

What is a Healing Room?
We are not a church.  We are a non-demoninational, Holy Spirit led Christian ministry that is based on the finished works of the cross and what Jesus has taught us. Our healing room is a place to receive teaching, deliverance, physical healing and inner healing of the soul.  A safe place where you are loved, prayed for and can receive a word from God.  There is no charge for our services.

What happens in a healing room?
We have small teams of 2-4 people who have gone through training, know God's word and are able to hear from God and follow His leading as to what each person needs.  Each room is a private setting where everything is confidential and ministered out of God's love.  We usually allow 20-30 minutes per session.  If you need or would like more time we suggest making a daytime appointment.
By following Jesus' instruction and example, we take our authority and simply command sickness and disease to leave in the name of Jesus.  We believe in the simplicity of Christ.  We do not use formulas, aggressive tactics or religion based works.  Jesus came to restore our relationship with God the Father so we simply want you to experience God's love and all that He has for you and has already provided.
If you need healing of any kind or need a word from God, come on in and see us, we would love to pray for you.

What we Believe
That God wants you well.
That healing is part of the atonement and the finished work of the cross.
That Christ is in us and works through us.
That by His stripes you were healed!  (1Peter 2:24)
That God's Word is truth.
That you receive healing by grace through faith, just as you received your salvation.  (Eph 2:8)
That you have a part to play.  Jesus healed all those that came to Him so come expecting!
That it's not about us; it's about Jesus.
He is our Healer!